Organ Shoes

In such a shoe play professional organists:

• narrow strip as to prevent accidental operation of more than one pedal at the same time

• suede labels on the soles and heels that allow the feet to slide easily up and down the pedal

• Sole is very thin, allows a good pedal feel

• a narrow high heel about 2.5 cm to simultaneously press two non-adjacent notes with one foot and relieve heel game

• unstretchable, yet flexible material from the top of the shoe textiles retain shape for years and provide ventilation

• minimum number of seams makes an effort to bend the foot in a chord

• insert in the toe reduces the risk of injury of fingers

• inner surface of skin color — you can use socks / stockings of any color

• outer surface in any material and color, suitable for concert costume


Sites of some organ manufacturers of shoes in the links section.


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